Summer is light beyond sunlight

We often associate summer with sunlight; however, when the sun has gone down, remarkable things happen: a lengthy conversation on a terrace, a dinner beside the sea or an early morning stroll. Light creates the perfect setting for special moments.


Light transforms it all. It reveals unnoticed details: it nuances the textures of the rocks; it creates shimmers on the water and it makes the sand glow. Light transforms places into settings; it creates the perfect atmosphere all around for an enjoyable after dinner conversation at the table, a pleasant read or a glass of wine in the garden.


The Cesta family is inspired by the traditional lanterns for houses on the coast, country manors and Mediterranean terraces. Cestita Batería is a cordless movable lamp that gives off a warm light, generating settings conducive to coming together on the rocks of a cove or under a vine.


Summer is light beyond sunlight


Photography by Iris Humm

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